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Fitness Reformer RT-RA04

Found in boutique Pilates studios, gyms, fitness centers, golf clubs, hotels, and high-end home gyms around the world, the RT-RA04 Professional Reformer is designed to withstand years of use, meet the needs of different customers, and fit into any space.


Made from commercial-grade and sustainably sourced materials, including traditional wood and powder-coated aluminum frames, the Reformer is engineered to withstand heavy use and increased performance.

It has earned a reputation as a must-have in Pilates studios around the world. With its fine construction, durability, smooth glide and studio functionality, it is a versatile choice for instructors and practitioners seeking a reliable, effective Pilates experience. Join the ranks of leading studios that trust Raetin Pilates® for their Pilates equipment needs.

Experience the Raetin Pilates® difference with the Fitness Reformer. With attention to detail and backed by years of expertise, this Reformer fully reflects our commitment to excellence. Take your students’ Pilates practice to the next level with this Reformer that combines tradition, style, ease of use and portability.

We’ve designed every detail, so you can focus on enhancing your clients’ experience


Fitness Reformer

Equipped with our patented retractable cord system and self-locking cleats, the cord can be adjusted quickly, easily and precisely, ensuring proper range of motion for all exercisers.

The Professional Reformer comes with a high precision spring kit. Imported from Korea, the springs are extremely durable and made from the highest quality materials. All springs are nickel plated, heat treated and securely fastened to the Reformer bracket. Each spring comes with a unique spring ball that securely attaches to the lever.
Springs must be replaced every two years to ensure safety, optimal performance and warranty coverage.

The traditional shift lever is standard on professional Reformers and slides completely into one of three shift lever positions when in use to securely hold the Reformer spring.
Upgrading to the high-precision shift lever (shown) adds the versatility of six shift lever positions and provides superior ergonomics when setting or changing tension. The high-precision shift lever must be added at the time of purchase so it can be installed during the manufacturing process.

The MAX Reformer comes with a 22″ (55 cm) wide carriage, while the Fitness Reformer model comes with an even wider 25″ (64 cm) carriage. The Reformer carriage is designed to provide exceptional comfort and support while offering smooth, quiet operation along the rails. High-quality EVA foam padding on the carriage provides excellent tactile feedback during workouts and makes cleaning quick and easy.
The carriage can also be upgraded with a 6″ (15 cm) extension for riders who want to accommodate riders 6’4″ (193 cm) or taller.

With durable, easy-rolling wheels on both ends, the Reformer is a breeze to move and reposition, making it perfect for any type of space.

The Max also comes with a vertical stand for upright storage.

Personalize your Reformer by choosing from one of 6 standard upholstery colors or from one of our 20+ custom colors. Additional costs apply for custom color choices.

The footbars provide a firm surface for pressing, offering excellent comfort and reducing foot and hand stress. Four height positions plus one position to completely remove the footbars provide ample programming options for all exercisers。

The adjustable headrest offers three different positions to improve spinal alignment and maximize neck support.

Padded shoulder pads provide more stable support for hands or feet and can be quickly removed to accommodate accessories or create a flat mat surface.

Made of thick wood with a non-slip coating for added safety while standing.

Made of durable silicone rubber, the Reformer has better grip and stays securely in place on all types of floors, making it ideal for any type of exercise.

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Raetin Factory


Pilates equipment shipped directly from the Pilates machine factory, Pilates reformers at great prices

Raetin Factory

The Reformer has earned a reputation as a must-have in Pilates studios around the world. Its detailed, durable construction, smooth gliding frame, and studio features make it a versatile choice for instructors and practitioners seeking a reliable and effective Pilates experience. Join the ranks of leading studios that trust Raetin Pilates® for their Pilates equipment needs.

Why Choose Fitness Reformer - Raetin Brand

We have international certifications such as FSC, IOS, SGS, etc.

Raetin Technology Hebei Co., Ltd.

Raetin Technology Hebei Co., Ltd. is a professional Pilates equipment manufacturer with more than 20 years of experience, committed to providing customers with high-quality Pilates equipment. Mainly produces and sells Pilates reformers, Pilates Cadillac beds, Pilates chairs, Pilates Ladder Barrel, Pilates spine correctors and other Pilates related products.

Raetin has a unique asset base and refined management, which enables us to produce high-quality Pilates products that meet customer needs.

Convenient Transportation

Integrated transport wheels ensure smooth and easy maneuverability, allowing you to move the Reformer with ease. Whether you need to rearrange your studio layout or store the Reformer after use, transport is a breeze.


we are committed to providing every customer with the highest quality and most considerate service, and we welcome you to be a member of our big family!

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As a Pilates equipment wholesaler in Germany, I value efficiency and quality. Raetin Pilates has consistently provided both. Their products are well-received in the German market, and their user-friendly website is a bonus.




Operating a fitness boutique in New Zealand demands reliable suppliers. Raetin Pilates consistently delivers quality products, and their customer support is outstanding. They’re a key part of my business’s success.





Being a wholesaler in Australia, I rely on trustworthy suppliers. Raetin Pilates has proven to be just that. Their wholesale prices and shipping options are excellent, making them an integral part of my business.


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